The One Where We’re Crazy Blessed.


January 11, 2009 by Jo

Back in the day, I’d always say “be blessed” or, “I hope the Lord blesses you with an answer”. I guess I tried to let people know that I had some heightened connection to God by using language way above my Christian pay-grade. There’s a great line in The Book of Liz where Liz is talking to the Reverend and she says, “That was back when you called it ‘the sky’ instead of ‘the heavens’ “. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

Now…now that I’m in such a content place emotionally and such a challenging place spiritually, I really DO feel blessed. I really DO feel like someone else might be blessed. It’s not out of pride, feigned holiness, self-righteousness now. I really DO feel like I’m walking the way I should and that I actually AM in touch with God, not just with my idea of who He should be to benefit me.


I usually don’t get all “religious” on my blog (back in the day, I caught a lot of fire for that very thing…shouldn’t put into writing on the Internet what you can’t back up in real life. Learned that lesson) but today I just realized it. I was talking to one of our teen worship leaders about how we should come to church with a better attitude because there are people all over the world who don’t have the religious freedoms we do. We are blessed.

I shouldn’t complain about the state of our house because there are those, even here in Huntsville, that don’t have what we do.

We shouldn’t fret over money, how we look, what we drive because at least we have enough to put a roof over our heads, feed our kids, clothe our backs and get us from place to place.

I am blessed. I AM blessed. I AM BLESSED. Not because of anything I do, but because of grace.



One thought on “The One Where We’re Crazy Blessed.

  1. Vicki says:

    I’m Blessed too!

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