Southern by birth, Huntsvillian by the grace of God.

A homeschool graduate.

Wife to Jeff, who is father to Kaitlyn & Connor.

Mommy to Nola Jean.

Daughter to Lynn & Gay.

Daughter-in-law to Jan & Len, Tal & Margaret.

Sister to Jeanette, Janeen, Jennifer, Lyndsay, and Katie.

Sister-in-law to Mike, Bob, John, Jason, and David.

Aunt to Jenna, Patrick, Brennan, Brooks, Todd, Sazio and Barker (the last two are dogs and they totally count).

Granddaughter to Harry, Eythel, and always Jean and Muril.

Cousin to the greatest cousin ever: Melissa along with 16 others.

Second cousin to the perfect Alissa.

Niece to the amazing aunts Kathy, Karen, Linda, Debra, and uncles Tom, Tom, and Harry.

Co-worker to five of the most amazing people, ever, period.

Manager of 130 volunteers who keep me sane.

Member of a wonderful church body (www.sojournhuntsville.org).

Actress, director, stage manager, producer, all-around theatre lover.

Best friend to Meghan, Megan, Amy, Shelli and Tyler.

Traveler to New Orleans, New York, Chicago, and anywhere JW cares to take me.

A believer, a lover, a reader, a fighter, a writer, a woman.

And here I am, branching out, a little tree with big roots and lots of room to grow.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Meg says:

    You are a classy lady. Yes. Yes, you are.

  2. Phil Fitzgerald says:

    Where did you perfrom “Smoke on the Mountain” this spring?


  3. Jo says:

    It was in our plans to put it on this summer, but with two other plays and a full production of “La Cage aux Folles” we’re putting it off.

    We’ll produce “Sanders Family Christmas” as usual this winter.

  4. jesclement says:

    Some Different girl you are

  5. Jo says:

    Thanks. I think?

  6. I love your site. Keep it up !

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