The One Where I’m Lazy

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January 10, 2009 by Jo

It is currently 3:09 in the afternoon, and yes, I have done nothing but lay around with my husband all day. He just left to go get the kids which has left me to enjoy a little JoTime before I clean a little, run an errand, and get ready to head to the theater.

I needed to rest. The process of producing a show is long and hard enough; throw in being in it, and life gets a little….discombobulated. But in the best way possible.

Anyway, I realized about three days ago just how totally exhausted I was, plowed through until today, and then just rested.

So here’s my lazy post for the week:

(not that one)

1. Our house has been in a state of renovation since Jeff bought it. Currently, there are only five major projects left: the bathroom (almost done!!), the closets, the trim/molding, the kitchen cabinets, and the windows.
2. Jeff and my Dad gutted this house, which is why the process has taken so long, and why I pray for patience on a daily (hourly) basis. I have to remember the sheer amount of work, time, and money that has gone into this renovation and when I get frustrated at the lack of storage space right now I HAVE TO REMEMBER THIS.
3. The house next door is for sale, and will hopefully be ours soon…house in one, studio in the other.
4. Our brand-new, AWESOME washer and dryer arrived today!!
5. The new bathroom is GORGEOUS, the shed out back is massive, our privacy fence is GORGEOUS, we have an awesome backyard, there’s plenty of room for us to live comfortably…it’s totally, 100% ours…and we love it.

The White House…maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to visit!


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