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June 21, 2012 by Jo

Today is the Greene Street Market and the Sidewalk Arts Stroll!

I married an artist. This comes with its own set of challenges, but the rewards are tenfold. For instance, where I am analytic (notice the first four letters of that word) about a problem, he is creative and forward-thinking. Where I tend to be anxious about something, he is relaxed andĀ laid back.

All of these things work together for the good.

So in November we held our major fall fundraiser for work. It’s a really fun event where we go into a private home and strip it of art, removing the personal collection of the homeowner. Then I go in, with my team, and put up about 300 works that I’ve collected from all over the South. And then 150 people come shop, eat, and drink. It takes me about 3 months to collect all the work, and in a week we put it up, sell it, and take it down.

Super fun, and actually one of my favorite parts of this job.

Naturally, Jeff wanted to participate. He is an artist, after all. So I said he could. And he went and developed a new process for showing his photography; he takes these gorgeous shots of New Orleans, New York, and Huntsville and prints them on wood of all different kinds. But I didn’t really know about any of this, so imagine my surprise when he delivers his work to the house for the party and it. Is. BEAUTIFUL! I was already his biggest fan, but this work is really different and a nice fresh approach to photography.

Anyway, since the party he has taken the art further in several ways. He’s varnishing the work now, or slightly changing the process for a “vintage” look.

But he’s also put himself out there a little, which isn’t always EASY for an artist but it’s something you simply have to do.

He entered the Red Clay Survey at our museum, and was accepted! That was a BIG deal. Here he is with his piece:


He’s showing at our monthly Art Strolls and selling!

I found a couple galleries in New Orleans that want his work!

So it’s fun to be married to an artist and feel like I’m part of the process, and we hope you’ll come see us on the square!


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