NaBloPoMo #15

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November 15, 2009 by Jo

Last Weekend-As-Just-the-Four-of-Us Highlights:

Dinner at Logan’s Saturday night…steak and potatoes did this preggo good. I’m trying to carb-and-protein up to get ready for the birth, when a lot of energy will be required!

Running into Kait at Bridge Street on our way to Orange Tree (that’s TWO highlights in one). Kait is nothing but a big ball of joy and if you haven’t been to Orange Tree STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND GO RIGHT NOW THIS MINUTE. It’s a self-serve frozen yogurt place that is out of this world.

White Christmas today at Lee Lyric Theater…absolutely wonderful and now I’m ready for the holidays. The costumes were gorgeous, the kids were spot-on and it’s always fun to see a show with my mom. I would’ve attended Lee if I hadn’t been homeschooled and my very best friends in high school went there. I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for the magnet program and they did not disappoint today.

Alabama’s win and Florida’s close call.

Contractions. They give me hope! The secret to managing my pain so far has been heat. A hot bath, a heating pad, or warming up my buckwheat pouch and tying it in my sling against my lower back has really helped when they come on really hard.

Going to see the midwives tomorrow so I should have a good update for you!


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