NaBloPoMo #14


November 14, 2009 by Jo

I really love the mail lately.

Etsy packages full of baby fun, awesome custom Colts t-shirts, a Battle Studies album release shirt, thank you notes (one beautifully handmade by my little sister), sweet handwritten baby cards, new books. I really love the mail.

Today we’re 9 days “overdue”. I’ve had lots of contractions but nothing steady yet. The goal is stay as relaxed as possible and not get anxious about it; accomplished so far.

It is so weird to me that girls who were “due” after me have already had their babies…most of them because they were induced. One of them was induced and ended up with an emergency C-section.

So can you guess what the #1 question I get everyday is? When am I going to be induced. Like determining a due date is a perfect science, when in fact there’s absolutely no way to know for sure. I didn’t even measure 39 weeks at my last prenatal so I was prepared to wait. The only way we’ll consider medical intervention to get the baby here is if something major happens and it is TOTALLY necessary.

Not that women who choose an induction (in other words, when it’s not totally necessary) or a planned C-section are wrong. That’s their choice and one that I am in agreement with…because it’s THEIR choice and they’ve made it, hopefully, with as much education as possible.

And I think that’s what all of this comes down to; as women, it’s up to us to support each other and to assume the best about one another. When an expecting mother talks with me about her plans I try to approach the conversation with the mindset that she is making the best decision for herself. Because I really appreciate that 99% of the women I’ve talked to about MY decision have taken that approach as well.

Feminism Lesson #476: taking advantage of the opportunities given us to lift each other up.


One thought on “NaBloPoMo #14

  1. Stephanie says:

    I’m enjoying following your progress. And I’m proud of you (a strange reaction, yes) for taking control of your birth process. With Elyse, I was SOOO scared that I felt like I had no options. (And admittedly, I did have very real complications — severe pregnancy-induced hypertension.) With Mike, I felt much more in control, and it was such a better experience. I’m glad you’re having that “better experience”! (And I’m glad you’re chronicling it. It’s fun reading.) Anyway, I feel guilty for “lurking”, so I’m commenting!

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