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August 2, 2011 by Jo

Someone who made your life terrible, or treated you like crap

I have started this post about 10 times and given up 10 times.

All of us have stories about that mean girl or that horrible boss. I personally have LOTS of those stories. But while I might have felt terrible in the midst of the situation, all of those situations have made me a far better person.

So here are the types of people who drive me crazy, and some days I let them get to me.

The One-Uppers
This type of person is the worst. No matter what you say, they can top it. It drives me CRAZY, especially when it’s in a brainstorming session. One-upping cuts all productivity because the person is constantly trying to best your idea.

The Blamers
It seems like I’ve dealt with this kind of person more often than any of the others. Everything is always someone else’s fault. If their job isn’t done, it’s your fault for not providing them with info they could’ve Googled. If their child hit yours, it was your fault for teaching your child to be too passive. If they wrote a nasty blog post about you? Yep, even that, somehow, is Your Fault.

The Pleasers
My personal favorite, because I can spot one from a mile away. That’s what happens when you lived as a Pleaser (also known as a Faker or a Hyper Hypocrite) for years. This is the person that MUST please everyone ALL THE TIME. And it’s not always by being nice to someone; sometimes, it means trying to fit a mold you’ve made for yourself so other people won’t criticize you. It’s the Christian who says they’ll pray for you, yet they barely remember your name next time you see them. It’s the girl who pretends to be your friend so she can get with your guy. It’s your friend who says she’s “trying everything” to lose weight while she sips her 800 calorie iced coffee from McDonald’s. Sometimes people slip up and I acknowledge that. But you can tell the difference between a Pleaser and someone who’s just not paying attention real fast…just try to offer some wisdom to the Pleaser and see what happens.

So there; the types that drive me crazy, and about all I could come up with for Day 08 of this challenge, all things considered.

This post is part of the 30 Days of Truth Blog Challenge. You can find the list here.


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