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July 10, 2011 by Jo

Something You Hope to Do In Your Life

I’m away at camp at beautiful Shocco Springs for the week, so my posts will probably be quite sporadic. For instance, I just finished leading an hour and a half of Bible study with my 39 high school age camp workers and then we played Fishbowl.

Have you ever played Fishbowl?! Oh man. SO. FUN.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

I want to raise grateful children.

Seriously. That’s what I want to do with my life. I want to die knowing that my children are grateful for everything we have on this earth and those things above, around and in it, too.

One trait that I notice in kids a lot these days is entitlement. IT DRIVES ME CRAZY. The latest example of this is these college grads who just sit around, living at home, waiting on a job to fall in their laps. It doesn’t happen that way! You do not deserve a great job simply because you completed college!

And along with that entitlement comes ungratefulness; absolutely no appreciation for what you’ve been given in life. Absolutely no thankfulness for what’s been provided for you.

I’m so glad NJ, C, and K appreciate their toys, books, rides to school, etc.

I’m so glad to have the joy of being with these 39 teenagers for the week and seeing how hard they work.

I’m so glad my 20-month-old Nola Jean says “thank you” without being prompted.

I’m so glad to spend every Monday night during the school year with fantastic high schoolers who are grateful in general.

All of these things give me hope that the next generation will have a better attitude about stuff and who deserves what. I have hope that the next generation will work, and appreciate what they’re given, and learn from my generation’s mistakes.

And I’ll thank them for it.


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