July 6, 2011 by Jo

Something You Hate About Yourself

Hate is such a strong word. Can we just say strongly dislike?

Also, why am I afraid of the word hate?

Ok. So.

I hate my temper. The hubs calls it “passion”. I call it LOSING ALL CONTROL AND GETTING REALLY UPSET ABOUT SOMETHING STUPID.

My temper isn’t usually fueled by anger. It’s usually brought on when I’m frustrated. There is a big difference. Anyone out there know what I mean?

I don’t get angry about plans getting changed at the last minute. I get frustrated because when you change my plan it causes me all sorts of stress. And then I lose my temper with you because I’m overwhelmed at the changes.

Luckily I’ve learned how to control my temper in MOST situations. Currently, the only person who is directly affected by my temper is my dear sweet husband and occasionally the kiddos.

But I do strongly dislike my ability to fly off the handle over stupid things. Of course, when I’m in the middle of said tantrum it feels AWESOME. Like, I AM ALL SORTS OF JUSTIFIED HERE SO JUST GET OVER IT awesome.

It’s afterward that I feel like a toddler stuck in the Terrible Twos.

And realize that Nola Jean has the same “passion”, as the hubs calls it.

Which means SOMEBODY is getting back what she’s been dishing all these years.



This post is part of the 30 Days of Truth Blog Challenge. You can find the list here.


3 thoughts on “01

  1. MrsDragon says:

    I totally identify with this…I agree that I get frustrated more often than angry. But I can be a real pain when I’m aggravated. Oops. : /

  2. […] harken back for a moment, shall we? To post numero uno in this series. Most of the moments I have to forgive myself for have to do with my temper. So let’s […]

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