And We Got It.

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January 21, 2011 by Jo

Christmas is such a busy (and expensive) time that Jeff and I had decided to have a night out together this year instead of buying gifts. Our good friend Tyler helped us get great seats at one of Garth Brook’s benefit concerts in Nashville and we drove up, shopped a little, went to the concert (which was straight-up out of this WORLD), had a wonderful meal and then came home to a long, quiet night of sleep since NJ was at my mom’s.

It was, truthfully, one of the best nights of my holiday season.

So I was really surprised when he told me he’d bought me something for Christmas, since I thought we’d agreed that night together was it. He said he couldn’t resist and that the gift would benefit the whole family.

Now before I go any further you should know that I love a great magazine. We only subscribe to two (Real Simple and The New Yorker, which is weekly) but I’m known to grab a Vanity Fair or Southern Living whenever we go to the bookstore.

Last year while house sitting we discovered the most beautiful publication, seriously, that I’ve ever seen. It’s called “Garden & Gun: Soul of the South” and I seriously love it. I bought every issue out since we discovered it, and I kept meaning to subscribe and kept forgetting…

…so Jeff got me a membership for Christmas!

Now, a membership is a big deal. I got a couple of gorgeous gifts, a sticker for my car, my official membership card, and a guidebook of all the awesome deals I can get with it, along with weekly emails with wonderful gems from the South.

Ok, so, I say all that to say that as I went through my pregnancy and birth, I latched on to sentimental music. I went back to my old favorites and stopped seeking out new stuff. Not only that but I wasn’t spending a lot of time with my old “music” friends and therefore I was totally out of the loop.

So over the summer as Tyler (securer of aforementioned concert tickets) and I reconnected and I saw a lot of more of my old friends, I realized how sad it was that I had literally never heard of most of their favorite groups.

Luckily, in November, I was awarded for my excellent friendship skills (HA. HA. HA.) with a disc FULL of fantastic sounds. I can now say I am an Arcade Fire lover, that I know every word of Florence + the Machine, and that the Avett Brothers are on my concert bucket list.

So I was SO HAPPY to get my Taste & Tunes email from the G&G Club this week and see this: 

And then visit their webpage today to find THIS:

Because we all know that great music? Is the Soul of the South!


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