Up to ’11.

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January 6, 2011 by Jo

I can’t believe 2010 has come and gone. What a whirlwind.

There were some pretty big moments in 2010; as I look back, though, I’m drawn to ponder the themes that seemed prevalent instead of the happenings. I’ve never really looked at a year like this before, but it’s really starting to make sense. So here’s what prevailed in 2010, and what I hope for 2011:

Hard Work. My job was crazy, we moved Jeff into an actual studio, the baby…all of those things? Take hard work. There’s always room to grow, but when it comes to busting my tail 2010 was the year for it. At work, we embraced a new project and will officially complete the launch of it tomorrow. HUGE, and Hard Work. In my civic/volunteer life, I became co-director of our local high school acting troupe, joined the board of an affordable housing firm (and was appointed to the Governance Committee; whew), was inducted into Rotaract, became president of the board of our local theatre awards, and was involved in a couple of productions. Hard (unpaid) Work. At home, we just did everything that comes with 3 kids and an old home we’re still renovating. Hard. Work.

Forgiveness. As a Christian, I should’ve been better at this one. Before I became a mother I really, REALLY struggled with this. I hold on to things, not really focusing on them or revolving my life around them but definitely not getting RID of them. But something happened as I went through my pregnancy and labor and birth; I started to forgive, and let go, and ask for forgiveness myself where I needed to. And in at least one case, the conversation was never had but the forgiveness was there without looking back. I gained back a friend who was so important to me for so long, and that never would’ve happened without forgiveness, unspoken or otherwise.

Revival. There’s probably a better word out there for this one, but I’ve always loved the sound of that word – “revival”. It just feels good. Your point of view really changes when you have a baby, you know? And SUDDENLY, like BOOM, everything is new, fresh, revived. I never thought the word “ice” could sound new but when my baby says it, it does. It sounds like it’s had a rebirth. Every trip we took (all to places we’ve been many times), every song we sang, everything just felt revived, new, fresh. I guess a baby’s birth leads to the rebirth of her parents…or, at least, that’s what happened to us.

For 2011? I hope these things continue in abundance (even the Hard Work because it is so dang fulfilling), and that we experience peace, and lots of it. I don’t mean on a world level, and I don’t mean something mundane like less bickering between the kids. My hope is that we’ll find peace in everything; that we’ll know there’s a plan and we’re living it. And that those around us have that too.

Wishing you all peace in the year that, as one Mr. Hobbs put it, will go to 11.


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