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February 24, 2010 by Jo

Went back to work. It has been an interesting ride so far; not as difficult as I’d imagined but still not easy. I think the fact that I love what I do has a huge impact on the situation. If I was unhappy at work leaving the baby everyday would be really hard. But coming here is like coming to my second home and my second family…even when it is CRAZY BUSY AND I MUST HAVE A BRAIN BREAK (like right now).

Joined Grow Alabama, and so glad we did. Our grocery bill has been slashed; in fact we only go when we need something special or to replace staples. We get baby stuff like diapers and wipes at Costco. Not only are we saving money in the end but we’re eating BETTER and AT HOME. And when the baby starts solid foods there’s enough servings in each delivery that I’ll have plenty to make homemade stuff for her.

Started serving on my first board outside of the arts world. Intimidating, overwhelming, and fulfilling.

Saw some good theatre, bought some art, spent a weekend with Lyndsay, got our kitchen organized, had a great turnout at auditions, cast Shakespearean Shorts, chose shows for next year, made a new friend, attended the groundbreaking of the VBC renovations, enjoyed the snow, got tired of the snow.

Oh, and someone got me a pencil that says “Y2K WORD PROCESSOR” in big letters.

Which I love.

February has kicked off the busiest 4 months of my work year with tons of meetings, paperwork, brainstorming, creativity and fun.

I’ve enjoyed watching Jeff in The Magic of Beauty & the Beast; it’s our first show in YEARS that I’ve not been a part of as well. Kind of nice to just run lines at home with him, listen to his fun rehearsal stories, and see the show for the first time at dress rehearsal. Plus Megan came home to see it and we got some time together which was wonderful.

We also just closed The Fantasticks at RT and it was exactly that. One of the better shows I’ve seen in a long while. Of course with Ron and Robbie playing the comic relief you pretty much cannot go wrong.

That leads me to something I’ve realized since having the baby. Before she arrived people would constantly talk about how our life was going to totally change. If you read pretty much any mommy blog out there you’d think that for sure. Once baby comes, NO MORE FUN. Once she’s here, FORGET ABOUT DATES. YOUR LIFE IS OVER.

Ok, maybe that’s a LITTLE drastic, but still…that’s what I’d been told, had read, and determined would NOT be the case with us. And now I realize that saying you always hear about life being what you make it is actually 100% accurate.

Jeff and I have been on plenty of dates; some with the baby, some without. We’ve stayed out til 3am on the weekends; she’s just going to sleep so she might as well do it while we laugh at Ron’s stories around the fire. Our friends, family, and the entire theatre community has held her. I feel like our marriage is growing stronger by the minute.

We are making life, instead of letting it just happen to us…and the creation that is 2010 is shaping up to be one fine piece of art.


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