Make It Work


February 18, 2010 by Jo

Tonight I sat in a meeting of around 15 arts organizations and I watched it WORK.

Last Friday, as I’m sure you’ve heard or read, there were multiple shootings on the campus of one of our universities. A professor walked into a meeting of her department’s faculty and shot 6 people.

Understandably, the campus is closed for the week as students and staff mourn not only the loss of their mentors but the loss of their security as well. We’re never TRULY “safe” from things like this, but we sure do seem to think we are.

So tonight one of our organizations simply stated that her group, which was supposed to perform on campus this weekend, needed to move their concert. They had tried to contact the university to see what they should do but hadn’t heard a word.

In minutes they had 3 different people to call at the school and offers of other facilities to use.

It is always so cool when it WORKS.


One thought on “Make It Work

  1. Ashley says:

    I didn’t even know you had a blog! You should share it cause that’s the way I read all of the blogs I follow! I’ve been debating on if I should share mine as well…maybe if you do I will too 🙂

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