NaBloPoMo #12…and #13…and so on?

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November 13, 2009 by Jo

Last night we went to Rosie’s to celebrate Jake’s Big Birthday. I wasn’t going to go since I had a rough afternoon yesterday, but after an evening nap and some stretching I felt better and decided this would be the last time in a long time that I could just GO. Jeff had to shoot a dress rehearsal and so the choice was mine.

I got dressed and drove over to the restaurant and had a wonderful time with some of my favorite people.

Jeff arrived right as we were being kicked out and after we stood around outside for as long as possible we finally headed home. I was WIRED, so we watched our Thursday shows (we love the NBC lineup).

We had almost made it through Parks & Recreation (we always watch The Office, then 30 Rock, then the other two) when Jeff’s phone rang. It had to be 12:15 and it was one of our best theatre friends calling to vent. As Jeff answered the phone I had a nice hard pain shoot through my abdomen. It shocked me and I instantly felt like going to the bathroom. So that’s just what I did. I took a nice warm bath and climbed into bed around 1:00am…

…and about 40 minutes ago I woke up, had my “bloody show”, and now I’m having very random contractions! Jeff has said for a while now that Friday the 13th would be the day (it’s the third one this year, which is very rare and super cool in my opinion). We’ll just see…I don’t want to get ahead of myself since this could totally be false labor as this is my first pregnancy and blah blah blah…

…or I could have a baby today!


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