NaBloPoMo #11

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November 11, 2009 by Jo

Well, I woke up with morning sickness today.

We found out we were pregnant in February, the day that we returned from a whirlwind (30 hour) trip to NYC. I made french onion soup for dinner and had bought a test when I picked up some gruyère for the soup. I took the test and Jeff walked in the door right on cue…the plus sign appeared and that was that.

On March 9th we had our annual fundraiser for work and I usually get really, REALLY sick after. I’m nasty allergic to shrimp and our whole event is based around seafood.

This year, though, I didn’t get sick at all. The caterer made me a plate of deliciousness that he made sure hadn’t touched anything that would make me vomit.

We hadn’t told a soul that we were preggo, which was easy considering I wasn’t showing yet and hadn’t been ill at all. So IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I wake up two days after the event absolutely debilitated.

I was sick almost the whole work week. I returned halfway through the day that Thursday and told my boss what was up. He helped me keep the secret a little while longer and was totally gracious about my being sick (the fact that I had like, 52 sick days built up helped).

Anyway, my morning sickness/nausea lasted from that Sunday in March (the 11th, I think) until June 1o. I just learned to endure it. June 10 through almost the end of July was a slight reprieve; I’d only get nauseous when my body temp got too high or if I got into a really stressful situation.

And then August hit and I was vomiting again. By eating protein every two hours and keeping as cool as possible I could control it.

Suddenly it’s October and the nausea is GONE. Like, no joke…just GONE. Everything had finally balanced, I guess, and until 2 am this morning had stayed away.

But now it’s back and all I can hope is that it’s a good sign we’ll get to meet Baby White SOON.



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