NaBloPoMo #7…#8…


November 9, 2009 by Jo

I am terrible at updating on the weekends. Despite how s.l.o.w. they are right now. This one, for instance, didn’t include much beside rest and relaxation. And Mexican food.

On Saturday Jeff auditioned for The Magic of Beauty & the Beast at Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater. He was cast as the Beast and is really excited about it. Neither of us have been in a Fantasy show in a while (me since 2o05; him since 2004) so it will be nice to be back “home”.

While he auditioned I took K to my second cousin’s birthday at the skating rink. She did AWESOME. Her independence was totally evident and it kind of made me a little sad. She is growing up so fast.

Met Sam, Jeff and Connor, and my parents at Beauregard’s to watch our Tide roll.

Went home. To bed.

So after all that rest, today would be a great day to have a baby, right?

I think so.


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo #7…#8…

  1. lynds says:

    i think so, too. :o)

  2. Melissa says:

    Second Cousin?

  3. Melissa says:

    I get it nevermind lol

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