NaBloPoMo #5…and 6…

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November 7, 2009 by Jo

Still pregnant.

I went back to work for a couple of hours yesterday to attend the mayor’s State of the City address, which was very well done. This was my 4th such address to attend and the best so far. He and his team (way to kill it, Blake and Trent) put together a presentation that was fresh, informative, and honest.

Other than the lunch I spent just a few minutes checking e-and-voicemails, sending a proof to our print company and feeling very much like myself. I even got a gift today that WASN’T a baby one which was a nice surprise (thanks, KUSH…you guys rock!!).

While I loved being back in my second home for a couple of hours, it surprised me how excited I was to get home to Jeff. As soon as I could I pulled away from my computer, hugged everyone and headed out the door. I made it back home in time to throw on some jeans and join Jeff on his afternoon shoot at a beautiful new housing development here in town. I sat and watched in the GORGEOUS sunshine until my phone buzzed and I was pulled into theater world for about half an hour, going over staging, blocking, and lighting with our director for Sanders Family Christmas.

And I have to admit that I stayed in theater world for most of the evening after. We picked the kids up and did lots of listening about their respective kindergarten and 4th grade days (one was eventful, the other not so much) and took them to dinner. Then we went, toward the end of the allotted time, to see the family of our dear friend that passed away earlier this week at the visitation. The time between leaving the funeral home last night and arriving at the church this morning all blends together.

You know, I’ve read plenty of tributes to her out here on the web this past few days…some long stories about her and others just a few words…but the best honor that could’ve possibly been given were the people there today. As I looked around I realized those in attendance were the ones who were truly touched by her generous and hard-working spirit. We were her family; her children, sisters, brothers…this baby in my belly would have been one of her many grandbabies (since she didn’t have any of her own)…and there we were to hear spoken and sung tributes to her faith-filled, devoted life, to laugh at the stories about her drafting people to be in shows, to cry as Rod talked about the second act of her life starting (“let the magic continue…”). I will never forget her and I hope and pray that we are able to carry her legacy forward.

After the potluck lunch back at the church after the graveside service, Jeff and I headed to visit our midwives. I still marvel at the miracle that is my body. I know that is extremely cliche’ but it is TOTALLY how I feel. I can’t believe that I threw up almost every day for SEVEN MONTHS and still gained 45 pounds. That, my friends, is just plain miraculous. I don’t understand how I can pee every 10 minutes. I will never grasp how all of these things work together; I just know that I’ve discovered ultimate feminism in the past 9 months. The ultimate feminist recognizes her body for what it is, doesn’t abuse or mistreat it, finds the best way to care for it, and fulfills her purely natural, physiological purpose in the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Now I’m not saying that a woman who is barren can’t be one of these ultimate feminists…the deeper matter is grasping the power that’s given us as women and using it to make the world around you better.

Alright, enough babble.

To bed I go…



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