NaBloPoMo #3


November 3, 2009 by Jo

My titles are so original. And my posts are so entertaining. Luckily I don’t fancy myself a writer and haven’t called myself a “blogger” in a long time. Maybe posting every day this month will lead to being a “blogger” again. Maybe not. But it will at least be a nice snippet of my life as this major change happens.

Well, my first day home was a successful one. Got up to help the kids get ready and off to school at 7am and then went back to bed once they left. Jeff woke me at 10:45 to take me to lunch at Soul Burger (for you Huntsvillians, it’s back open at Huntsville Athletic Club on Leeman Ferry) with Samantha and Renee. After an awesome tuna sandwich and way too many laughs with Cathy (the owner, who has predicted the birth will happen Thursday…and that was before we told her that’s our due date) and the girls we headed back to the house.


Picked the kids up from school, made one. last. trip. to Target for flannel-backed tablecloths, the last component to our birth kit. Dropped C off at math camp (he has pretty much surpassed my math ability with this math camp stuff. When we went over his worksheet last night I was like “WUH?”…it’s way more advanced then the crowd-level math he gets at school), took K to Chik-Fil-A for a milkshake and playground time, picked C up and headed back to the house.

And then I spent the evening here at home by myself doing nothing but watching TV, reading the National Book Review and laughing out loud at the occasional text from Jeff at rehearsal.

If every day off work is like this I’ll go crazy…but it was definitely nice for today. My feet aren’t swollen, my head isn’t aching and there hasn’t been a bit of heartburn tonight. Could it be that Jeff and my midwives were correct when they said I needed to rest?


So I’m trying to do that. I’ll probably last through tomorrow evening before I need a distraction; dinner with some of our favorite theatre people should fix that. And then I’m planning to go to work Thursday, even if it’s just for lunch…the mayor has made me promise repeatedly to be at his State of the City address if I’m not in labor. Not that he’ll even know if I’m there with 1499 of my fellow citizens packed in with us, but I did promise.

IF I’m not in labor. IF.

Oh heavens.


One thought on “NaBloPoMo #3

  1. Aardvark says:

    If the need to clean, organize and nest is just overwhelming and you run out of things to do…I guess I could let you come over here.

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