The One Passing Time.

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September 10, 2009 by Jo

Tick tock…tick.

Tock. Just waiting.

Bullets while I wait?


Moved into my new office this week. Still have to hang art, add some lamps, finish organizing bookcases and such. This is the first time, ever, that I’ve had my own office. It feels good…the timing couldn’t be better.

We have about 7 weeks until our due date. Still dealing with nausea a little bit every day. When I over-extend myself it’s like I’m back in my first trimester. Otherwise, the belly is growing, I’ve enjoyed registering, the house is slowly coming together, and I feel overall ready. Oh, and I’m really glad we didn’t find out the sex. It adds so much excitement!

Rehearsals for Sanders Family Christmas start in about three weeks. New cast, except for me and Jeff, and it is going to be AWESOME. I’ll be back onstage with one of my “stage dads” and he is going to be AWESOME. Tickets are already selling (I just can’t believe that sometimes) and it is GOING TO BE AWESOME.

How do these moms on Supernanny cope? And how many more parents out there deal with this everyday and don’t have the opportunity to learn from Jo Frost? It is no wonder families are falling apart. You’re not automatically a mother or disciplinarian…it takes consistency, practice, experience. I tell ya, being a stepparent has taught me so much but I still have a LOT to learn and I feel for the women out there who don’t have the support system I do.

Speaking of support system, I really don’t know how to explain the amazingness of my husband. I have been sick, tired, lazy, busy…and his business is INSANE right now, and he still manages to make me his first priority. Everyday I am more thankful for him, his patience, his humor, his loyalty, his faith.

And speaking of my amazing husband…we are hitting the road for New Orleans. I’ll post some TwitPics and you’ll be jealous.

Time’s up!


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