The One Where Julie Meets Julia

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August 15, 2009 by Jo

I am one of those people that everyone says doesn’t exist…I’m the person who loves her job.

I don’t just say that, either, like many. I actually DO. I get up in the morning excited at the prospect of the planning, brainstorming, and organizing that will happen that day. Even when it’s bound to be a crazy, full day of meetings that are all in my hands or a major event is getting kicked off, I am excited about it. I really, truly love my job.

And I’ve always been a proponent of staying home and raising a family, of replicating the best parts of my childhood for my own kids. Yet here I am, 28 weeks pregnant, and totally unable to picture what those 6 weeks at home after the baby comes are going to be like. I’ve already forewarned everyone that I WILL be in to the office at some point (if not several times) during that period…because I love my job. Oh, and I’ll probably have cabin fever.

Anyway, I’m starting my fifth year now at work, and we’ve had pretty major changes over the last few months. Without gushing or brown-nosing too much, I want to say something to my little group of followers (oh, and the webz)…on most days, I feel like I have met Julia; like our new leader is the kind of boss, brain, and talent I hope to be one day.

And you know what? It makes me love my job that much more.


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