The One With Blood.

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June 26, 2009 by Jo

Tonight while Jeff was working, working, WORKING I took off and met the theatre crowd to see IMP’s ‘Sweeney Todd’.

I love that crowd. Fo’ real.

Anyway, it was a great production. Complete tech, PHENOMENAL chorus, and Sweeney, Lovett, Beadle(but I’m biased), and Toby were wonderful.

Go see for yourself:www

Now following up that with this week’s episode of ‘True Blood’. Vampires+Louisiana=ME HAPPY.

My hubby has most of the day free tomorrow. Finally! Our lives have been crazy this month; we would not have survived with our sanity without the NOLA trip. Tomorrow we’ll grab the kids and spend the bulk of the day sitting by Uncle Harry’s pool, and the day at the lake Sunday, and Dad’s fireworks that night. And next week summer slows down, a lot.

Friday, Bloody Friday…


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