The One In NOLA.


June 21, 2009 by Jo

Ok. I’m not actually in New Orleans anymore.

But I was. And it was absolutely wonderful.

As Jake said when we got back, everything seems bland now.

I’ll post pics on Flickr soon and link here, although most of you followed us on Twitter throughout the trip too and I put up a lot of Twitpics.

Since NOLA, we’ve been swamped. Well, I should say, Jeff’s been swamped. Business is GREAT which means his life is booked to the minute.

Tuesday night he shot headshots for a local production and got home around 10:40. I was already in bed and he climbed in with me and as he does every night put his hand on my belly. And WHAM…solid baby kick! They continued for a few more seconds with both of us in awe. It was the first definite movement I’ve felt. Ever since then the little one kicks at pretty opportune times; he or she definitely does not enjoy bad performances, rain, or Indian food so far. We’ll see what else there’s a reaction to!


My heart is still in NOLA.


2 thoughts on “The One In NOLA.

  1. Jeanette says:

    I hope there was no kicking while you were watching me perform! 😀 AHHHH!

  2. KatieC says:

    I think babies have great taste in music. When I was 6 or 7 months pregnant J. was working on a truly awful show.. Dara kicked up such an in-utero fuss! It seriously took three days of raging discomfort, but I put in the RENT soundtrack, and suddenly! All was well. They are smart I say.

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