The One Where It’s TOMORROW.

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June 9, 2009 by Jo

Tomorrow, after work, Jeff and the kids and I shall pack into his CR-V and start the 7 hour trek to New Orleans. In Birmingham, we’ll meet Shelli and Hali. In Mississippi, we’ll stop for a Coke Icee and snacks.

We’ll arrive and check in at the Dauphine Orleans, our hotel.

On Thursday, we’ll rise early to eat waffles and hit the aquarium. After lunch, the new insectarium. Jake and Cindy arrive that afternoon and dinner at Port Of Call happens early with Cafe du Monde and a nighttime carriage ride after.

Friday means a morning swim, a trip to the zoo, a relaxing afternoon. Dinner at Coop’s Place, a night out without the kids (they’ll hang with Hali), a trip to Harrah’s and down Bourbon.

Saturday is OUT OF THE QUARTER. Museum of Art, City Park, Parkway Bakery, St. Charles streetcar, Magazine St. shopping.

And Sunday is the dreaded day…home. Home to our busy lives, getting ready for baby, Shocco, another Panoply.

But for now I’ll continue to dream of the Big Easy, and tomorrow night my dream will come true.


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