The One Where I’m 18 Weeks.

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June 4, 2009 by Jo

I’ve been seriously nesting tonight. Made chocolate chip squares for Jeff. Discovered that my version of nesting is making a zillion lists, drawing up building plans (I cannot draw to save my life, so this was a task that took a while), cleaning a clean kitchen, and designing timelines for random projects.


Anyway, we had a blast in NYC. Left Monday morning on a 6:30 flight. Were in Midtown and checked in at our hotel by 1:00pm. Came home Wednesday on a 11:25am flight. Arrived back at the house at 3pm. Short trip…here’s what happened:

Where we stayed:
What we saw: My sister as Helena/Peter Quince/Mustardseed in A Midsummer Night’s Dream at
Where we went:,,,,,, and
What we ate:,,,

We leave for New Orleans in 5 days. I am ecstatic; it’ll be our first trip there with the kids and we’re introducing one of my best friends and her sister to the city, plus Jake and Cindy are coming.

How’d I get so lucky?


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