The One Where It’s Another Show.

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May 28, 2009 by Jo

I have a new shirt on today which should make me feel very summery. It’s kind of “hippie”, a bright red with embroidery in yellows and whites. But instead of that warm, everything-is-awesome-because-it’s-MAY feeling I’m just pooped. The weather is yuck, I’m hungry and nauseous all at once, and it is FREEZING in my office.

You know, a year ago RIGHT NOW we were headed to New Orleans to celebrate my birthday and our engagement. Am I the only one who thinks it’s pretty dern cool that we got married, moved in together, and pregnant in a year? Besides those personal things, we’ve been in four shows together and I’ve produced a full season, spent three months as the big group teachers for our kid’s ministry at church, doubled Jeff’s business and had a huge year at my job.

No wonder I’m pooped!

So my birthday is around again this Saturday, and after the weekend craziness we are SLOWING DOWN. No more acting until December for me; producing and directing only. Taking a break from some other stresses in our lives. Streamlining Jeff’s workload and probably hiring an assistant. SLOWING DOWN.

And kicking off our slow period with a trip to New York City…

oh, the irony.


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