The One Where I Say Stuff.


May 21, 2009 by Jo

Can’t sleep.

To the woman who commented on the blog about HHA buying up apartment complexes in SE Huntsville…I’m sorry you don’t want “young black males with baggy pants and gold chains” walking up and down a main thoroughfare near your house, but your viewpoint is exactly why people assume the worst about Alabama/the South.

Couple of years ago an older lady hit my driver’s side in the parking lot at the church where I grew up. She didn’t have insurance. I did what I thought was the right thing, and therefore have been driving an awesome car with a banged up door ever since. I don’t mind. Why do you?

To the dude in the rather large van in front of me on my way to work this morning…either your signals are broken or you are the worst driver ever. I assumed the former this morning; I hoped I guessed right.

My favorite thing about being pregnant so far? Everyone touching my belly! My bump appeared by a week ago and while it bothers some women, the touching is sweet and connecting to me. Of course the exclamations of how I’m glowing, what a cute preggo I am, etc. have helped the situation.

NEW YORK. A WEEK FROM MONDAY. Katie, Blockhead’s, the subway, the crowds.

NEW ORLEANS. JUNE 10. Shelli, Hali, the best food in the South, introducing the kids to the Crescent City.

To the cast of Sex, Drugs, & Rock and Roll, you are so talented and funny. I love that wonderful directors and actors are so willing to work with us at RT, and I’m proud to be a small part of the equation. Although I will admit that Bogosian’s pieces make me want to be a better writer, as compared to actor. That’s been a cool feeling.

My husband is beyond description. So I won’t try. But I’m so blessed that no matter how insane our lives get he makes time to talk to me throughout the day, take out the trash, and cuddle with me that extra few minutes each morning. He has worked harder in the past 3 weeks than I’ve ever known him to work; business is CRAZY right now. We’re so blessed!

Now I can go to bed. Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “The One Where I Say Stuff.

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  2. Jeanette says:

    I love you sister and I can’t wait to talk to your belly!!!

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