The One Where I Take Limes.

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May 13, 2009 by Jo

We subscribe to The New Yorker and LOVE it. Amazing articles, reviews, and calendars of what’s happening in the Big Apple so I can sound edumacated when I talk to KLB about life up there.

Last week’s issue had a cartoon in it with the caption, “They say when life hands you lemons you make lemonade. I say let me show you the 37 ways to kill a man with a lemon”. Well, we got a good hearty laugh out of that, but it started a conversation about being positive.

I’ve never been a super-optimist, but I married one. The more time I spend with Jeff the more I learn about having a “sunny-side-of-life” attitude.

But, I’m a “blogger” and therefore have heard I need to share what’s really going on in my life, not just the lemonade:

I’m tired. All the time. Which causes me to actually fall asleep at a reasonable hour and follow with a blissful 8-10 hours a night. Horror of horrors.

I have vomited more in the past nine weeks than in my entire life combined…and know more about my body now than I ever would’ve otherwise.

My jeans are becoming uncomfortable, which has caused my sweet husband to take me shopping for NEW CLOTHES. On multiple occasions. Even though I have plenty of my “own” money to go shopping with. Oh, sad day.

Our house, which was becoming quite cozy and functional, now looks totally disorganized and DISfunctional to me. So for once I’m actually enjoying the cleaning, straightening, throwing out…

When I get home from work around 5:15 (if I’m lucky), I have to immediately sit down on the couch and be pampered for about half an hour. Yeah, it’s horrible getting all that love from the kids and wonderful snacks (including ice cold limeade, which I heart) from my hubby. Man, it sucks.

Being preggo at the same time as one of my dear friends has caused us to reconnect. That just stinks. I was really enjoying my life without her (NOTNOTNOTNOTNOT).

Walking into a room chock full of theatre people I haven’t seen in two months and having them exclaim over my belly and touch it and get all teary-eyed was AWFUL. I HATE feeling loved.

I weighed myself and I’ve gained 4 pounds. ACK! Oh, wait…that’s a good thing…

Guess life is alllllll in how you look at it!


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