The One Where EVERY DAY

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May 12, 2009 by Jo

I’m going to update EVERY DAY.

But now that I’ve said it…won’t happen.

Had a killer catch-up lunch with Samantha today. Because of my insane (like 230-hours-in-the-month-of-April-alone insane) work schedule we’d skipped our weekly lunch date for the last five weeks.


So we caught up today, which was great and much MUCH needed.

Today is cleaning at the office, then home for a loooong nap, then Star Trek with my Dad, my hubby, and my Jake (or the King of Hearts, as he has been recently dubbed).

I’m having a sort of crisis about the art in my house. Totally have a ton and the collection seems to grow a little each week. I CANNOT STOP. Anyway, MUST PAINT BEDROOM AND KITCHEN so we can hang it all…somewhere.

Alright. Enough. Back to work, where I’m nesting because that’s what happens when you’re 14.5 weeks pregnant.







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