The One Where I Count The Ways.


March 26, 2009 by Jo

the way that jeff works so hard
the way that c is so smart and funny
the way that k laughs and smirks
the way that my mom is so proud
the way that my dad stands by me
the way that meg cries at stupid (and not-so-stupid) crap with me
the way that meg(h) doesn’t
the way that shelli laughs
the way that amy said, “oh. my. GOSH”
the way that jason shrieked
the way that jeff stares at me all the time
the way that i’m proud of us.

the way that leah grabs my hand anytime we’re offstage
the way samantha laughs at my dressing room quips
the way cathy always takes time to help me
the way my costumes fit and feel
the way jeff puts everything out there
the way i’ve played annie, hard and genuine
the way that the audience stands and cheers
the way i’m proud of myself.


One thought on “The One Where I Count The Ways.

  1. melissa says:

    you should be proud! you are amazing!!!

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