The One Where There’s Big Apples.


March 5, 2009 by Jo

We went to New York City on Monday.

I’ve been twice before.

But this time, we went. Jeff, Lyndsay, and me. We.

And it was fast and furious and fun.

Our plane landed at Laguardia, we grabbed a cab, and arrived in midtown at our hotel a little after noon Monday. The hotel, by the way, was awesome. Quaint, centrally located, and totally affordable.

After putting our bags away in our pink toile covered room we bundled up and ventured out. First stop was Katie’s school, Wanted Jeff and Lynds to see where she lives most of her NYC life. Then we hoofed it over to lunch at Stage Deli & Restaurant.

They had Gefilte Fish on the menu, which warranted a phone call to one Mrs. Klaus.

We ordered; I had one of the many sandwiches named after a celebrity (the Tim Robbins, I think it was…corned beef, pastrami, ham…), Lyndsay had a GIANT Caesar salad with awesome croutons, and Jeff had Matzoh Ball soup. And we topped it off with their world famous cheesecake that actually had the texture of cake and stuck to the roof of your mouth and was TO DIE.

Then we walked off our lunch. Stopped at H&M and the MOMA store; walked by Rockefeller Center; Times Square…just saw the sights.

Around 4:30 we headed back to our <awesome> hotel to rest and get dressed. Perfect timing, since Katie was almost to break time and wanted to see us. Since the hotel was only a little over a block away, she came over and then we all walked together to grab her a Subway sandwich. She kept Lyndsay and they went to school while Jeff and I went back to our <ultimate> hotel to get hussied up.

After a nap we got all made up and walked back to the theatre to see Katie’s performance.

First off, this theatre is such a neat space. It’s a thrust that seats around 600. The first show I saw on Broadway was The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at this theatre and the staging was flawless.

There were lots of people; some family, some alumni, but mostly agents and producers carrying the red folders full of resumes and headshots of the graduating class. And Theodore Mann was there, along with Katie’s teachers that we hear so much about…so neat to put faces with all of those names.

We are all pleased to open the program and see that Katie was the closing solo…WOOT! Anyway, the cabaret was just wonderful. The kids wrote an opening medley about the 13 shows that have closed on Broadway this year that was hilarious and sounded great. As each student sang we were more and more impressed. Even those who didn’t sing as well as the others acted the heck out of whatever they were doing…total committment, which is so rare here in Huntsville…it was awesome to watch.

And then Katie. Well, what can I say? She’s my baby sister, so of course I’m going to say she was the best and amazing and blah blah blah…but I can also admit when she’s not (which is hardly ever).

This time, she was. She was the best and amazing and blah blah blah and we were all proud. At the industry people there must have thought so too, since her phone started ringing the next morning. Katie. Broad. Katie Broad…way!

After the show and hugs from Emily and Kendra and Will, we grabbed pizza and went to Katie’s new-ish apartment. She’s lived there for awhile, but I hadn’t been up since she moved. Cute place in a cute neighborhood. We just chilled there with her and Lynds, and left them to head back to bed.

We’d decided to take the train since Jeff’s never been to NYC. I LOVE THE SUBWAY. LOVE IT. There’s something about paying $2.00 to get a ride that would’ve cost $20 in a cab. There were only two other people on our car, so we chatted and laughed…

And then I noticed that our route had a stop in Grand Central Station.

If you’re planning a trip to NYC, include a walk through this building. There is no way to describe it….as Jeff said that night, “grand” is definitely an understatement.

After a very cold walk through Times Square, we turned on 49th Street and saw the Playwright Tavern. This place is really cool; neat history with an awesome atmosphere. Grabbed a beer, chatted with the really cool bartender, watched basketball…

home to bed.

Said goodbye the next morning before eating an amazing breakfast at Lindy’s and hopping on our flight back to Alabama.

I love the city. I think I could live there for about 3 months before I would long for quiet. Oh, and warmth. It is always cold there to me, even in May.

I love NYC, I love that my sister loves it, and that it’s loving her right back.

New York, New York, Neeewww Yoooorrrrkkkk….


2 thoughts on “The One Where There’s Big Apples.

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  2. lynds says:

    you totally forgot to add that we were in line behind liev schreiber from the manchurian candidate at subway. even though, at the time, we couldn’t figure out what he was famous for.. we just knew he WAS. HA.

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