The One Where It’s Friday

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February 27, 2009 by Jo

  1. How often do you get paid? Twice a month.
  2. Do you tend to splurge a little on (or shortly after) pay day? Nope. 
  3. What are the few days leading up to pay day like for you? I don’t even think about it, most of the time.
  4. If you had the option, would you like to be paid daily for each day’s work? Nope. I love, LOVE being salaried. I will never go back to hourly if I can help it. Besides, hourly doesn’t really fit my position; I work lots of nights and weekends.
  5. When did you get your first paycheck and what was it for? My first, actual paycheck was from Older Children’s Music Week at Shocco Springs. And I still get one from them, every summer.

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