The One Where I Probably Won’t


February 4, 2009 by Jo

I get some time to myself tonight. AWESOME. I will turn on Sex & the City: The Movie at top volume while I straighten up our clean rooms and continue cleaning out our stuffed one. I will make a Target run. I will iron our new bedskirt. I will hang our beautiful shower curtain and take down the old one. I will write 25 thank you notes. I will make Jeff some more chocolate chip cookies. I will stare at the hole in my bedroom wall in the hopes that a closet will appear. I will not watch American Idol or Top Chef New York until Jeff gets home. I will organize one of our many bookcases. I will work on my new blog project. I will get my kid’s lesson ready for Sunday. I will study my lines for The Miracle Worker. I will do some designing. I will read my new novel. I will build our first draft slate for 09-10. I will exercise. I will read some O’Neill. I will post a bunch of long-overdue pics on Facebook. I will finish the newsletter and send it for proofing. I will pick out my clothes for tomorrow. I will drop that bag of junque at the thrift store.

Or I’ll hit the sack at 7:30. We’ll see!


2 thoughts on “The One Where I Probably Won’t

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  2. Jeanette says:

    I too have a huge list of things to do tonight, and Grey’s has a 2 hour special……

    Maybe I can do a bit of one and the other!

    LOVE YOU!!

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