The One I


January 23, 2009 by Jo

  1. What types of blogs do you usually read? The gamut…however, I’ll admit that even though the wedding’s over, I’m still all about some bridal blogs.
  2. What kinds of products do you usually buy when you shop online? Usually handmade things on, hard-to-find movies on Amazon, and beauty products that I can’t find in Huntsville.
  3. What kinds of online videos do you usually spend time watching? The ones where people fall down (Jeff can’t contain his laughter) or anything on SNL’s site. I am officially addicted.
  4. Besides Friday 5, what weekly memes do you particularly enjoy? I don’t. I save them for Friday.
  5. Where do you like to go for streaming online music? Pandora dot com is the bomb dot com.  I LOVE IT.

Do it and tell me in the comments to come see!


One thought on “The One I

  1. Great answers 🙂 Have a great weekend 🙂

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