The One Where I Love My Daddy.

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January 21, 2009 by Jo

I read the sweetest thing today, here. It’s been all over the web so you’ve probably already seen it. But I hadn’t, and I sat today and read it and got all emotional-like at my desk.

Because if I ever had to write a letter about my childhood, I would talk about my Dad like Jenna and Barbara do. They write about him with such honor and respect and defend him in their own subtle way. I would talk about my Dad like that.

I would write about the silly things that happened; the tough love; the myriad things he taught me about fishing, computers, trains, and life. I would cry on my keyboard as I typed out my favorite memories: singing Jars of Clay in four part harmony alllll the way back from the lake or the many times he’d have to kick our friends out of the house or his strength when my Mamur, his momma, went home. I would share his reactions to the men (boys) I’ve dated and the fact that he carried a shotgun at our wedding rehearsal.

But above all the memories, the silliness and tears, the pets lost and loves gained…I would write about how he’s just my Dad, and will always be…

and I count that fact as one of the highest blessings in my life.


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