The One Where There’s Cheese

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January 17, 2009 by Jo

Last night during a night which included:

gathering around a pot of hot, homemade soup
eating a little too much beer cheese dip
watching Hugh Laurie and his band of TV stars on Conan in amazement
a killer Pictionary tournament

I looked around at my friends and realized just how much the Lord works in our lives. They are all part of me & Jeff; all part of our walk through this journey called life. I am so glad to have them around us, no matter what.

The Book of Liz closes tonight. It has been one of those perfect shows where most of the drama is confined to the stage, the audiences are laughing and happy as they leave, and we could care less about awards or accolades just because it’s been so darn fun. Each day I’m a little more  honored we got to be part of it.

The next project starts Sunday. I am nervous, and ready. Just ready.

On another note, we’re planning all of these trips for this year; NYC to see Katie finish school (!), New Orleans for my birthday (and probably several other occasions throughout the year), the beach for one of The Weddings of the Year, SHOCCO, a camping trip on the Gulf Coast, one here to celebrate a birthday, and maybe…just maybe…we’ll make it to Denver this summer.

Oh, and our GAWHGEOUS bathroom is just about finished!! It is so beautiful I can’t even put it into words. I feel like TLC came and renovated but in reality it was just finding the right contractor. Now, onto the closets! YAY!

Alright; I’m out. I should get off my butt and get dressed for late lunch with my honey.

We’re just about sold out, but come by and see us anyway tonight at Renaissance at 8 pm for the closing performance of The Book of Liz!


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