November 18, 2008 by Jo

Last night, I removed all of the magnets from my fridge. Some had been there, in the exact same spot, since I moved into that apartment over 4 years ago. Some were brand new and hadn’t quite earned the sentimental status achieved by the elders.

As I removed them I got pretty emotional. I couldn’t help it; just started thinking about all those magnets have seen.

Parties, dinners, sleepovers.

Laughs, tears, hugs, kisses.

4 Christmases.

3 boyfriends; one life-long.

Many best friends, cousins, sisters.

That fridge has been there, and will be there, without…

my magnets displaying my favorite sayings, favorite subway route, first show seen on Broadway

the baby pictures, christmas cards, newspaper articles, ticket stubs

sweet notes and drawings from jeff

my “saw rock city” bumper sticker

and the hundreds of word magnets forming hilarious, touching, silly sentences:

“Please give that red, succulent zucchini chicken some beans”
“Lazy, robust, easy drunkard”
“Can I crave you?”
“Never stop worshipping me”
“Only that vision will produce eternity”
“The woman who loves shines in the kitchen”
“Her butter was naught light”
“Bite then chew the vegetable”
“My hot fresh bawdy lard”
“I urge to be discontent”
“Why would you leave a gorgeous goddess to woo a vulgar, repulsive woman?”
“This belch hit from a fine maiden smells of fish pasta”

and the favorite…

“Make nothing but music”


One thought on “..almost..

  1. Jeanette says:

    and this spring, we shall make a new garden….

    love you sister!!

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