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November 1, 2008 by Jo

So for the past several years I’ve heard about National Blog Posting Month and have never participated. While I was posting daily for the most part, I didn’t make it a goal to do it. Now that I’ve had three different media entities ask me to consider writing for them, I figure I need the practice. So…I’m going for it this year! You can find me on www.nablopomo.com on my profile page.


Today marks 3 weeks until we tie the knot, and I am officially READY. Most of my checklist is complete, my dress fitting is Sunday, my hair and makeup trial run is Tuesday morning. We’ve had two showers; there’s three left. Thank you notes have been sent, invites go out Monday (late due to the change in location; thank goodness for the change, by the way…it’s been nothing but an outrageous blessing so far), programs are designed…

But above all that Jeff and I are simply ready to live together, to have a full week’s vacation together (that’s still amazing to me), to be a family. We’ve attended SO MANY WEDDINGS in the past three months (we’ve got another one today) that we’re just READY for our own…

…and the life together that follows.


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