October 24, 2008 by Jo

Things No One Can Ever Believe About My Future Husband:

1. He loves to wash clothes. This is due to his outrageous sense of smell; the clothes have to smell a certain way or they are simply not clean. Luckily, I love to fold and put away clothes so this arrangement shall work out quite nicely.

2. He loves to wash dishes. I’m assuming this has, again, something to do with his keen nose. Thankfully, I love to dry and put away dishes…so ditto to #1.

3. He is quite sentimental. When in mixed company he pretends not to be, but you should see him during Daddy movies like Click or any of season 6 of Sex and the City. Moving.

4. He has planned most of the wedding. Even HE won’t admit this, but earlier this morning I was looking back at everything we’ve done to get ready and he has taken care of the majority of it. My job just keeps me hoppin’ most days (especially the last 3 months) and he’s been awesome to just handle it.

5. He is the greatest cook I know. Again, something he disputes since I made lasagna a couple of weeks ago. While he can create a recipe, I can perfect one. So maybe we’re just even.

Things EVERYONE Believes About My Future Husband:

1. He is so sweet it almost makes me sick. And not just to me, either. It takes A LOT for Jeff to decide someone is no longer worthy of his kindness, and in the time I’ve known him (almost 10 years) only a few people have acheived this. Jeff just loves people, a trait which I hope to acquire by association.

2. He is a great tipper. Last night, we had flawless service at Cracker Barrel, which is rare, and Jeff tipped him 90%. This is obviously a side effect of his sweetness.

3. He is an amazing parent. This is most people’s first comment to me about Jeff (after saying how killer his hair is, of course). The kids are amazing, and it’s because they come from great stock on both sides, and have great parents who really, truly care about raising well-rounded, compassionate kids. I’m blessed to be a small part of the equation, and can’t wait to have kids with this man.

4. He is funny. There’s not much to say here except that Jeff is extremely smart which, when coupled with his wit, makes him hilarious. Put him in a room with the rest of the J’s and stuff that SNL writers only dream of is abundant.

5. He is faithful and full of faith. Jeff wants to believe in the good of people, and like I said before, it takes SO MUCH before he’ll just bail on a friendship. It has been such a learning experience for me to watch him make new friends, sustain the important old friendships, and quickly draw my friends to him as well. I have several really close guy friends and watching Jeff steal them away from me has been awesome. On top of his faithfulness to his friends, he has really blossomed in the last two years into someone who puts his faith in someone much greater than himself. And to watch the humility that’s come out of that journey has been amazing.

So there you go…10 out of the 152,476 amazing things about Mr. White. I suppose I just wanted to talk about how excited I am to be married to someone that has these traits and so many more…how excited I am to be in love with someone who is so in love with me…how ready I am to be the wife of someone who is so full of goodness…

I love you, baby…29 days!


3 thoughts on “..soon..

  1. lynds says:

    this is totally unrelated… but have you heard brooke fraser? new christian artist who reminds me a little of a fine frenzy maybe mixed with leona lewis.



  2. Jo says:


    My friend Ashley from Willowbrook told me about her back in July and I’ve been hooked ever since!! Love it!!

  3. Ashley says:

    Hey Joanna…it’s Ashley! There’s something I always meant to tell you (about Jeff) but I haven’t really been around you long enough. Well, this post is very fitting…

    Way back when, when I Assistant Directed Shakespeare on the Mountain, I first met a chunk of the Theatre Huntsville group…including Jeff.

    We were talking after a rehearsal one time and he was telling me about this gorgeous girl that usually takes part in TH events and shows. And how much respect he has for her, among many other praises. I asked who it was, and he said “her name is Joanna.”

    So before I even knew who you were and before you guys were even together, I KNEW he loved you…I could totally tell. So I’m so happy you are both finally getting the chance to share your love with everyone! Congrats again, and I hope the next couple of weeks leading up to the wedding are wonderful. And of course, I hope you have a fabulous wedding and I can’t wait to see the photos!

    You two are such cute lovebirds 🙂

    (haha sorry to have left you a novel!)

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