..a sweet one..


October 23, 2008 by Jo

We are getting really close to the wedding and still have one very important detail to nail down:

The Cake.

Now, if you know us you that we attend A LOT of weddings. Jeff shoots at least 10 a year. Which means we eat A LOT of wedding cake.

When we got engaged, the first step was to call my Mom’s cousin who is an amazing baker here in town. She is much coveted by many brides, and sure enough she was booked already.

Since then, I’ll admit…I’ve been putting it off. I simply did not want to deal with finding THE CAKE.

Why? Because I’m marrying a total foodie who will eat everything and DOES eat everything and therefore is very VERY picky about our cakes.

And so I was nervous. That I wouldn’t find it. THE CAKE.

Today we finally pulled some stuff together and I realized the easiest way to handle this sticky situation…let HIM do it!

So now it’s up to Jeff to determine which of the three vendors we have available to us will be better…

piece of cake!


3 thoughts on “..a sweet one..

  1. Jeanette says:

    very smart solution! 😉

  2. Tyler says:

    Well, since you’re going to New Orleans for your honeymoon, I vote having this cake recreated:

  3. Jo says:

    TYLER! It didn’t work!

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