October 20, 2008 by Jo

I am writing this to inform the cyber world that my dear sweet husband-to-be has finalized our honeymoon plans.

This revelation is very important because he was going to surprise me and I had not said much about our bliss-filled trip in order to leave it completely up to him. But really and truly, I had come to two conclusions…two distinct ideas about where I wanted to spend our first married days together: either Paris or New Orleans (yes, there’s a French theme running deep…).

So Friday afternoon as we dined at Po-Boy he admitted that he simply could not make the decision on his own and wanted my input. I waited with breath much bated as he described his two choices: Paris or New Orleans (I know, surprise surprise…we’re perfect for each other…blah blah blah).

After much discussion and comparison ($3,000 for 5.5 days living like paupers in France or $1,500 for 7 living like royalty in NOLA…), we’ve decided to head down to The Big Easy. Jeff has reserved a room in the Dauphine, our favorite hotel, and we’re going to sleep, eat, dance, and shop like it’s goin’ out of style. We’ve got some other plans that hopefully will come to much fruition…more about those later.

I am SO EXCITED. After going to NOLA 4 times in 3 months last summer and having only been once since last September, we’ve been DYING for a trip. And now we’ll have tons of time to enjoy it, do some new things (and one BIG new thing 😉 ) and BE MARRIED. IN NEW ORLEANS.

Gas to NOLA: $150
Plenty of memory cards for the cameras: $75
Enjoying the beautiful Crescent City with MY HUSBAND:



4 thoughts on “..yippee!..

  1. hey … enjoy your Honeymoon! I read the last few lines. I was like its a small world after all. I happen to write the same thing when I went to home on my Bday.
    Ticket to Home : Rs 6000
    Chocolate for everyone : Rs 500
    Spending Bday home after 10 years & Joy on Mother’s Face : Priceless!

    Ha ha ..lol … Enjoy

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  3. Jeanette says:

    YAY! I know you guys will have SO MUCH FUN!!

  4. the husband to be says:

    Looking forward to our time in Nola. I have a few suprises left for us. How do you feel about volunteer work? Looking forward to serving you and others during our life together….. love you

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