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October 9, 2008 by Jo

The material for my wedding dress is here.

Back in August I spent a harried 3 hours at our David’s Bridal here in town. I walked in with Shelli and we waited for my seamstress to arrive. There wasn’t too much harrassment in that few minutes while we waited; we pulled some dresses, laughed at the ridiculous ones, and gave advice to a beautiful bride-to-be who was trying to decide between the traditional dress she’d already bought or the slightly more modern looking one she really and truly wanted.

Seems that happens a lot, people asking for my advice randomly. But that’s another post for another day.

Anyway, I tried on 17 dresses in that 3 hours. I posed. Shelli took pictures. Everyone oohed and ahhed. Saleswomen threw dresses at me, saying “I just want to see it on someone, and the only size we have is a 4” or “Pretty please?!”.

I walked out of the store leaving 3 dresses on hold but knowing in my heart that I didn’t truly want any of them. And so, with a lot of hard work, meetings, and decision-making, I’m getting the dress of my dreams.

I have to interject that my first fitting was really REALLY fun because it was at Fantasy and three of my favorite women were there and two of them had big tears in their eyes and clapped their hands and grinned the entire time and exclaimed at what a beautiful bride, beautiful wedding, amazing couple I/it/we will be.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…lately life has felt a lot like this process. I feel like I’m constantly trying things on for size and then realizing that if I want something done right I’ve got to do it myself. This doesn’t really apply at work, but mostly in my personal life, on lots of different levels…from what furniture to get for the new house to how soon we’ll have more kids.

I think it’s a good process. I don’t want to be inconsistent or fickle, so when I go into something new I simply ask for flexibility. I don’t want to appear wishy-washy, so I always preface a new committment with a disclaimer about my time and energy.

I want to be someone who is dependable, honest, and hard-working. Those are good qualities and lost on many today (in my opinion). I’ve mended my fences when the weather would allow; I strive to move forward. I want to feel good about myself, have a husband and kids who are proud of me like I am of my Mom, and make a difference.

So I might be in the dressing room for a while, but in the end…life will be a perfect fit.


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