September 25, 2008 by Jo

I’m really shocked at how old I feel lately.

I love when Jeff prays over our meal and as I raise my head after the “amen” I lock eyes with an older couple that smile wide at me and I smile back. What a big family the one of God is.

My heart burst last night with just PAIN and TEARS and ANGER and I’m still not really sure why.

The wedding plans are still crawling along but it’s getting more fun now that the big stresses are taken care of.

My sweet baby sister is all torn up in the knee area and I wish I could fly to NYC right now.

I will not be attending the Jam due to the fact that I will be in Nashville with two girls I’ve known forever and three that I JUST met but really really REALLY like already.

I love email banter.

Tomorrow holds a lot of promise being that it is 1) Friday, 2) a day off, and 3) going to be beautiful weather.

I may ride my bike everywhere tomorrow. Totally feasible.

Jeff and I have this CRAZY idea that we might move next summer, just for a little while (like 6 weeks) and then move back…CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY…

I would like to compare schedules with someone who believes they’re truly busy and prove them DEAD WRONG.

My heart really hurt last night. I keep going back to that…

I cannot believe what’s happening in our economy. I am glad the POTUS had the foresight to invite McCain and Obama to the White House, since one of them will inheirit this mess.

My favorite (sorry, the other 15 of you) cousin is having a Mamma Mia! themed sleepover Saturday night at the lake and I am BUMMED BUMMED BUMMED I can’t go. BUMMED, I tell you.

It is amazing to me that I have not gained, nor lost, the slightest bit of weight since I began this crazy workout regimen. When Jeanette and I weigh ourselves I am ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS 126.5. That is WEIRD WEIRD WEIRD.

I am producing 3 plays, about to start rehearsals on the one I’m in for Christmas, working (which includes two major events in the month of October, one in November, two in December, and the beginning of the festival planning, not to mention our new Arts In Education stuff that has fallen to me since we are a man short), teaching a flute student, leading a group of 6th-8th grade girls at church, serving on our Creative Worship team, getting involved in a Journey Group that meets weekly, helping Jeff 1-3 times a week, keeping the kids a lot while he works in the evenings, keeping my house AND his house in some sort of shape (mine is much cleaner than his due to the fact that the kids are only there about one evening a week), possibly starting to sub for a local school’s theatre class, and…get ready for it…PLANNING A WEDDING. 

I hope I’m alive come November 22nd.


One thought on “..stream..

  1. Jeanette says:

    Sorry you had heart hurt. That’s not good, but at least you released it. That is good.

    So if you are off tomorrow – are you still getting up at the butt crack of dawn to work out with me? you better! 😉

    I wish my weight maintained – I lose and gain a pound here and there. But I am sure those peanut M&Ms are part of the problem.

    I’ll miss you at the lake.

    hug hug sista

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