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September 25, 2008 by Jo

I am SO STINKIN’ PROUD of Renaissance and our 54 nominations plus 3 awards for original work! We presented so many wonderful, award-worthy shows in one season, and it’s pretty amazing that it’s not going unnoticed this time. Anyone who saw every show this season (which I can honestly say that I did…and have the ticket stubs to prove it), saw that new and fresh ideas come out of our little space over on Meridian and I am so happy with the nominations.

If I were going to review said season, and therefore nominations, I would have to say that there are some surprising, some not-so-surprising, and some totally undeserving nods, in my honest opinion.


Community theatre will be what it will be and if we’re all here for the right reasons, these awards should serve as a reminder how lucky we are to live in a great town with great theatre. We should be proud of what we’ve accomplished this year…at least 5 Alabama premieres, 2 world premieres, and more standing ovations and sellouts than we can count.

Theatre in Huntsville has always had the ability to divide or bring together, and I hope that this year will foster the latter.


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