..another day..


September 19, 2008 by Jo

Well, here it is.


And I am SO GLAD.

Just about half an hour ago I walked over to another office in our building to have my former manager proof something for me (he is an amazing editor). When he was finished performing his patented Five Point Proof, we launched into a discussion about our current Favorite Conversation Topic:


I like talking to him about these sorts of things because, although we differ on some issues, we can have a great chat about said differences and not get angry or defensive.

That’s a good good thing (thanks Martha).

So we launched into our bi-weekly convo about Obama and McCain, Palin and Biden, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler…

I should say first that I grew up believing that only the GOP had the best interest of the country in mind. I believed that I should vote based on moral issues like abortion and stem-cell research. I was uneducated for the most part…in fact, whatever education about politics that I had, I’d gleaned from someone at church or at my Christian school or FOX News.

Anyway, at some point I realized that there are much bigger issues (get ready for this) than abortion (Roe v Wade won’t be touched, folks…stop voting on one platform…stop RUNNING on one platform…)and same-sex marriages (which is, in most cases, a state issue, not a federal one).

And so, to widen my narrow mind, I started learning about the bigger, national issues (the economy, homeland security, the poor in America and around the world, for example) and who would support the causes/platforms I (not my pastor or parents or friends) firmly believed in.

So I won’t say who I’m voting or not voting for in this election, but I will say that I will firmly stand by my decision, and that I came to it through almost a year of reading, contemplating, and praying over it all.

But even though I won’t say which arrows I’m going to connect on my Alabama ballot, I will say that as I’m (still) learning about all of these candidates and what they stand for and how they’ll work with the House and blah blah blah…I will say that someone who is obviously a hypocrite will not be awarded my vote.

There is nothing I abhor more than flat out hypocrisy. And you know what? I’m really good at weeding it out, since I once lived out my days as World’s Biggest Hypocrite. Now that I really focus my thoughts and heart on not saying one thing and then doing something else (not that I always succeed but I darn well try), I can see clearly when someone else does. And it does not, in any way, make me want to vote for that person. Period.

We’re talking about blatant hypocrisy here, not changing a mind or vote (because I firmly believe that people should be allowed to learn more about an issue and then change their position…I know I have), but an out-and-out “say one way and live another”…and it doesn’t belong in the White House (or anywhere else) if we can help it…

and I believe we can.


One thought on “..another day..

  1. Jeanette says:

    that is really a hard one, since 99.9% of politicians are hypocrites.

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