September 4, 2008 by Jo

We have decided, officially, said and done: we’re getting married at The Enfinger Farm. I am THRILLED!!

I know what you’re thinking; wait, your wedding is less than three months away and you’re JUST NOW choosing a location?


See, there were too many options. Too many offers flying left and right. Once the word was out that we wanted somewhere unique, different, outdoors, etc. we felt we had to entertain said offers.

One in particular was the gorgeous old farm out on Voekel on the outskirts of Huntsville owned by a dear theatre friend of ours. The place was wonderful but not quite wedding-ready.

The next was the Lincoln Mill. OH MY GOODNESS WHAT A COOL BUILDING. The owner is slowly renovating and the office spaces on the first two floors are very nice. The third floor, however, hasn’t been touched and I could FEEL the spirit of that room; the little children working in the place alongside their parents, the mill managers pacing the floor keeping everyone in check…

…again, gorgeous, raw, unfinished, unusual…but not quite right.

So the farm it is!

Now that that’s all done we’ve got the final steps; getting my tent contract finalized and moving forward on that. Everything else is just about sewn up…Jeff has been totally involved which has been a huge help. He booked the videographer, the photographer, the caterer, and the location. WOOT!!!



We modeled today at Bridge Street for an upcoming fashion spread in the Times. It was really fun! Jeff is hysterical on camera, although it is always strange to have someone else take my picture…I’m so used to him doing it. It’ll be in the paper on the 14th. So fun!

Alright. Enough rambling. Just wanted to say hi…


One thought on “..tgi…t?..

  1. lynds says:

    yay, location! now… dresses?

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