September 3, 2008 by Jo

I have:
been to the gym six times since last Wednesday
fallen in love with Pandora radio
eaten breakfast every day for the past eight
a meeting with my florist on Friday.

We are:
still choosing a location
going to counseling today (whoohoo!!)
celebrating Meg’s birthday tonight, Katie’s tomorrow night, and Meg’s again Friday night
ready to be hitched.

I’m NOT:
going to let the gossip bother me
ready to leave Five Points
sure how I feel about Sarah Palin
a lemming.

Tomorrow means:
photo shoot at Bridge St. for the newspaper with Niña, Cherie, Jenny, Mike, and Jeff
big meeting at lunch
Katie’s birthday party
another day.


One thought on “..humph..

  1. lynds says:

    tolja pandora was awesome!!!

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