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August 27, 2008 by Jo

I got a message from an ex-boyfriend today. Nothing huge, just a hello, but it was enough. I hadn’t heard from this particular guy in, well, a while and this message was a surprise.

Our breakup, however, was no surprise. I totally saw it coming. Yet I was pretty stinkin’ heartbroken by it, because he brought so much light and laughter to my life. Whenever I looked at him I felt the butterflies. It was the first time I’d really fallen hard for someone.

When Jeff and I first started talking about dating it was weird. So many girls/women thought he was the bee’s knees, and it really threw me for a loop when he admitted to liking me. I mean, I knew girls who would’ve left their boyfriends/betrothed/husbands to be with Jeff and they barely knew him. Here I was, his good friend. He was part of a group of theatre pals who was there for me through some rough stuff and then we all turned around and supported him through his tough times. 

And then it all fell into place.

So when I heard from this particular ex today, I started thinking about how every guy I’ve ever dated had some facet of Jeff’s (totally awesome) personality and character. There was that guy who loved theatre and everything about it, that guy who listened to They Might Be Giants on a daily basis, that guy who collected comics, that guy who was an artist, that guy who loved puns, that guy who was compassionate, that guy who was really spiritually minded, that guy who was always honest (sometimes to a fault), that guy who was a parent, that guy who had confidence out the wazoo, that guy who loved food, that guy got giddy and excited every time I walked in the room, that guy who…

And now, here he is, the imperfect-but-perfect combination of all of those things and so much more. About a year ago I stopped questioning why he chose ME and just started basking in the wonderfulness of it all. He is the quintessential theatre lover, a weird music fiend, has the largest comic book collection in the entire county, creates an original piece of art every day, tells the best jokes (punny and not) ever, puts himself in other’s shoes, loves the Lord, tells me and everyone else the plain truth, is an AMAZING parent (no, really, I’m not just saying that; he is), feels good about himself, cooks for me and makes me take time to appreciate food, gives me the butterflies every time he grins as I walk in the room, and he…

So, anyway, enough of the gooshiness. Just wanted to document how wonderful he is, and how blessed I am to have walked enough roads to know that this is the one I’m supposed to be on, and I can’t wait to come to the next crossroads with him by my side.


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