..on around behind..


August 13, 2008 by Jo


Tonight, Jeff and I have the honor of performing in Emily’s Going Away Cabaret. In the homeschooling world we have graduations and such…and those of us in the theatre world as well? We have cabarets. Emily has invited some of her favorite performers to come together and entertain her friends and family, all while raising much-needed funds for the chair lift we’d like to install at the theatre.

Soooo…we’re performing a scene from Much Ado About Nothing, Jeff and Em are doing a scene from Hamlet, and then the Sanders Family will entertain with I’ve Been Changed and I’ll Fly Away. I CAN’T WAIT!

Oh, and Jeff is emceeing the whole evening. And he’s probably going to pee his pants in anticipation. He LOVES to hear himself tal-I mean, he loves to emcee.

AND I ordered this dress (or, as my dear sweet one calls it…the Skinny Girl Dress) from one of my favorite New Orleans boutiques and it should arrive today!! YEEHAW!:

And that’s that.


One thought on “..on around behind..

  1. JL Watson says:

    so, when I need a sexy little black dress, can I borrow? 🙂

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