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August 5, 2008 by Jo

Just a few moments ago I stumbled onto a local photographer’s site and had to laugh out loud at some of the wedding photos there. Do brides really have some crazy desire to look like rock stars or supermodels? I just don’t. I want our photos to be beautiful, simple, and classic. I have no need to stand two feet away from the groom and stare moodily into the distance while he turns his back to the camera and holds an umbrella. I think this is where a nice big WHAT THE HECK would fit.

The best part about these photographers is that they DON’T EVEN HAVE A STUDIO, they have NO IDEA HOW TO USE A FLASH, they can’t COMPOSE A PHOTO to save their life. They simply shoot thousands of pictures, pick out the best hundred (yes, that’s right, only a tenth of their shots make the grade), crop them, photoshop the heck out of them, and then sell them at outrageous prices to the bride. 

It’s really, truly amazing to me.

SO. Our photographer is a dear friend of Jeff’s from Montgomery. He hires Jeff about once a month to drive down there and shoot 400+ pictures of the graduates of OTS at Gunner. He also happens to 1) be a PHENOMENAL wedding photog and 2) have a daughter who’s getting hitched in the spring. Fair trade? I think so! I’m excited to have him with us for the big day, and even more excited that his pictures will be exactly what I want:

simple, beautiful, and classic.


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