..one of these days..

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August 1, 2008 by Jo

I used to get to the middle of my day, give a big sigh, and tell myself, “This is just one of those days where (fill in the blank)”.

Lately I’m finding that THOSE days have become THESE days. Every single SMTWTFS that I encounter is “one of those days”.

It’s not bad, or upsetting, or depressing…it’s just one of these days. As Jeff lands these big accounts, as we get busier and busier here at work, as the wedding plans happen, as I clean out my apartment in preparation to move, as we see EVERY SINGLE SHOW/BALLET/CONCERT happening within the boundaries of Madison County, as we keep up with two kids, as we get really involved in our church and the student ministry there, as we DO ALL OF THIS ALL I CAN THINK IS THIS IS PERPETUALLY ONE OF THESE DAYS.

Luckily, at the end of this day, I’ll meet Shelli and we’ll head to the shop to meet Alison and try on dresses and then I have to babysit and tomorrow I’m sleeping most of the morning and then going on a walk/ride with Jeff and the kids and doing NOTHING if I can help it. I vow that tomorrow will NOT be one of those days.


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